The Estata Team

With our extensive network and many years of experience, we feel right at home here and can make sure that you do too. We are uniquely qualified to give you the personal and professional support you require. Our goal is ensuring your satisfaction.

"Making my clients happy - for me that's what it's really all about."

Margot Koesen

NVM Register Makelaar Taxateur

"Whenever you buy or sell a home, it is very emotional. Understanding that is an enormous asset."

Ineke van Mechelen


"My goal is to see nothing but happy faces at the notary's office."

Marceline Strumphler

NVM Register Makelaar Taxateur

"The aspect I love best about this profession is the interplay between facts and emotions: different for anyone and also always special!."

Nicoline van Heeswijk

Kandidaat Register Makelaar Taxateur sales

"I introduce people to homes until they fall in love with one."

Jet Bierens


"My aim is to relieve you as an owner of the burdens of property management."

Manon Vroege

Property manager - KRMT

"The combination of commercial and social aspects appeals to me in my work."

Merel van Huijstee

Office manager sales

"My job and mission is to anticipate the needs of our clients."

Sem Klop

Office manager rental

"Connecting people - both literally and figuratively - is an important task, and one that gives me enormous satisfaction."

Mirjam Scholtes


"My legal background and pragmatic business approach are invaluable in helping to facilitate the buying and selling process."

Judith Gelink

Office manager sales

"My constant challenge is to ensure that we deliver the perfect service our clients deserve."

Melanie Verschoor

Office manager rental

"I take care of all financial and maintenance issues of your rented property."

Giovanna van der Starren

Property manager

"The story behind the numbers is what makes my work extra challenging!"

Ditte van den Berg

Finance manager - KRMT