“ESTATA really sensed what we were looking for.
We didn’t even need to say it.

— C. Braun: ESTATA customer


If you are looking for a rental home in The Hague or the surrounding area, you’re in good hands with Estata Makelaars. With our extensive network, our knowledge of the market and our broad experience, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with the support you’ll need to find the ideal rental home.
You can leave the entire search process to us, or if you prefer, you can select the house that most suits your needs from our very extensive inventory.


Throughout the years, we have built up extensive experience regarding professional letting and rental. We know what tenants expect these days in a rental home.
It would be our pleasure to discuss with you all aspects that are essential to successfully finding a trustworthy tenant to rent your property.

Our services:

  • Expert advice on setting an appropriate rental price.
  • Presentation of your residence on the Estata and Funda (Dutch Realtor’s Association) websites.
  • Advice on preparing your home for rental.
  • Arranging viewings and accompanying potential buyers.
  • Negotiations on rental price in close consultation with you, as the lessor.
  • The preparation of an NVM (Dutch Realtors Association) rental agreement in Dutch or English.
  • Key handover to the new tenant.
  • Preparation of a condition report.
  • Transfer of gas, water and electricity contracts, if required.