“ESTATA’s agents are true match makers,
really know people

— D.A. Roosenburg: ESTATA customer

Property management

If you let a house or apartment and would prefer to have someone else worry about managing the property , give us a call at ESTATA. We are specialised in the management of high-quality semi-furnished homes, providing customer-friendly, hands-on service, often in close cooperation with our colleagues in the rental department. With long experience with the many expats living and working in The Hague, we understand their needs and expectations. We ensure our continued expertise with ongoing training programmes for our staff in legal, structural, and commercial matters. And with our experience, our understanding, and our expertise, we feel confident that when we act on your behalf as owner, we are thinking and acting precisely as you yourself would.

How can we help?

By addressing the many issues that may arise during the tenancy period and providing a range of services including:

  • Information in advance about our services and the associated costs.
  • Comprehensive advice  regarding contracts, maintenance work and  legal matters.
  • Financial administration including collecting the rent and calculating the annual rent increases.
  • Technical management such as assessment and execution of necessary maintenance.
  • Commercial management such as advice on home improvements to make the property more attractive to (expat) tenants.
  • Ongoing contact with tenants, including handling complaints and answering their questions.
  • Drawing up a comprehensive condition report with photos at the time of key handover to document the condition of the home, an extensive pre- and final inspection at the end of the lease agreement to ensure the property is returned in the proper condition, and cancellation of and application for utilities.