Archipel and Willemspark

Archipel and Willemspark

Built between 1860 and 1890 on the site of a former estate, the Archipel neighbourhood is one of the city’s most desirable districts. The neo-renaissance style that was fashionable at the end of the 19th century has been preserved in many of the houses here, particularly in the Surinamestraat, Bankaplein, and Nassauplein.

Though the streets are relatively narrow, the homes tend to be spacious and comfortable. Besides a few large villas, the area features terraced houses, apartments, and a number of courtyard cottages. The location, next to the ‘Scheveningse Bosjes’ (woods), within easy reach of the city centre and highways, and just a few minutes’ bike ride from the beach, is also what  helps account for this area’s enduring popularity.

Characteristics of Archipel

Family homes | ground floor and upper storey units | apartments

Well-known plazas:

The Nassauplein is the best known square in Archipel with houses dating largely from the 19th century

The Burgemeester de Monchyplein is adjacent to Nassauplein and was completed in June 2004.

The Bankaplein, built in 1883, lies at the junction of the Bankastraat and the Riouwstraat and features a fountain at its centre.

Popular with

Families, young people, and singles


To do in the Archipel

  • Madurodam
  • Big annual Kings Day festival
  • Klokhuis community centre



  • Archipel Basisschool
  • Haagse Schoolvereniging


Useful links

Specialty shops and eateries

  • Gransjean traiteur
  • Brasserie Archipel
  • Matla butcher
  • Het Vlaams Broodhuys bakery and cafe
  • Z.O.T. fishmonger and restaurant
  • de Tapperij restaurant
  • Limoncello restaurant
  • Banka Cafe

For sale and for rent in Archipel & Willemspark

Koninginnegracht 79
€ 1.550.000 k.k.
Cantaloupenburg 2
€ 1.700 p.m. ex.
Javastraat 84 b.
€ 2.250 p.m. ex.

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